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Since 2009, ALTUNTAS Group has been on a steady rise as a supplier of Grain Storage Silos and Material Handling Equipment, and other Air Aeration System Equipment to various clients all throughout the Asia.  ALTUNTAS Group set up its office in India and formed OBIAL India as its division.
OBIAL is the only manufacturer in the world manufacturing silos in Magnelis steel which resists corrosion for longer than standard galvanised products and it outperforms other available coatings in industry.  Furthermore, the self-healing effect of Magnelis ensures the protection of uncoated edges, scratches & perforations.

Obial India – Grain Storage System

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Obial India – Grain Storage System

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Obial India is committed to deliver fair, honest, and reliable service for Total Grain Management Solutions, working for customer satisfaction based on experience and dedication to service.

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4 Silos of 12500 MT on Wheat, 1 silo of 4333 MT on Wheat, 1 Silo of 525 MT Conical Base on Wheat, 3 Silo’s of 60 MT Conical Base on Wheat. Cleaner of 150 tph. Loading & Unloading Systems of 350 TPH, 150 TPH & 60 TPH.

We are installing silo’s for the first time for FCI in Nabha and the product and engineering offered by OBIAL is far better then other suppliers, specially MAGNELISED Steel creates a difference. We will definitely give our another project of 100,000 MT to OBIAL Silos. We are fully satisfied by after sales support given by OBIAL INDIA to us.

MRB Patiala Storage, MRB Patiala Storage, Vill. Chhitanwala, Nabha

2 Silo’s of 2000 MT on Corn & Catwalks.

The Silos installed are very good, after sales support & Magnelised technology are far better then other silos vendors. On time delivery & execution won our trust and we are planning to give our 35000 MT Silos project to OBIAL. OBIAL INDIA TEAM supported us wherever we required.

Skylark Hatcheries & Feeds , Skylark Hatcheries & Feeds, Vill. Saffidon, Haryana

2 Flat Base Silos of 1250 MT on Paddy.

We have seen the installation process very closely and we have observed that the engineering done by OBIAL is too accurate. 2 silos installed in very less time and without any problem. Magnelised Steel have very brilliant future in upcoming years. We strongly recommend OBIAL in our references.

Shri Annamalaiyar Modern Rice Mills, Shri Annamalaiyar Modern Rice Mills, Vill. Kolambur, Tamil Nadu

Initially we have taken 1000 MT X 4 Silos only because of Magnelised Steel and the quality we received by OBIAL is very better. We also have expansion plans in coming future and we only go with OBIAL for Silos and other equipments.

Shri Kailash Grain Mills , Shri Kailash Grain Mills, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

3600 MT X 2 Silos on Wheat and 110 TPH Loading & 50 TPH Unloading System.

We have observed OBIAL from Design a Layout to Project execution. We are satisfied with the product & services given by OBIAL. OBIAL India Team supported us very well.

Diamond Roller Flour Mill , Diamond Roller Flour Mill, Kottayam, Kerala