Ventilation / Aeration Systems

Ventilation systems built according to the silo capacity and the characteristic of the grain to be stored are installed into the concrete during the laying of the foundation concrete. The C Channels are coated using specially twisted and perforated Magnelis sheets specially designed for the product.

OBIAL uses ALFAN brand ( OBIAL own ) radial and axial fans in varying capacities to ventilate the products stored in the silos of varying sizes and capacities.

OBIAL ventilation chimneys allow for the easy discharge of dust formation and pesticides inside the silos. These chimneys are sloped, with wire curtains on their front surfaces. The Roof Vents prevent birds and other foreign objects from penetrating into the silos. And thanks to its sloped structure, it prevents rain and snow to penetrate.

Where more air outlet is needed, OBIAL produces a ventilation fan with a wing diameter of 560 mm. This fan’s air suction direction contains a wire curtain, with the air outlet direction having a louvered structure. Louvers open during fan operation, and are designed so that they are shut when the fan stops.

 OBIAL also produces portable tunnel ventilation canals strengthened by corrugating and joining zinc-plated sheets to solve the ventilation problems in horizontal grain storages.