Sweep Auger

The Sweep Auger helps the grains in the silo to be conveyed out of the silo. Thanks to the Silos discharge gates over the discharge conveyor system and the mechanism commanding these slide gates, the silo can be safely discharged. The command center first opens the central lid, not letting other lids to be opened. After the flow from the central lid ends, the other intermediate lids are opened. The conveying system is produced from zinc-plated sheets. The power is directly conveyed from the motor reducer to the drive shaft in the conveyor. This ensures a more efficient and safe operation of the conveyor.

And, OBIAL Sweep Auger discharges the grains remaining at the bottom of the silo by rotating 360 degrees around itself. The suspension bed system and the steel cage system are made by estimating the grain load falling on them. The drive and motion units are designed individually. This permits the maximum use of sweep auger.