OBIAL Bucket Elevators ( MOC- Magnelised Steel ) allows economic vertical transport of grain. Elevator system is designed for grains and manufactured with heavy duty operational conditions in mind.

In all OBIAL elevator systems, column, driver unit cap and tension unit is formed by Magnelised Steel Sheet. Buckets used in vertical transport of grain are standard plastic, metal or galvanised metal buckets produced specially by OBIAL.

Elevator top motor group(IP 55) being water-proof is not covered. Motion is provided to reductor with V-belt pulley. Reductor is directly connected to the drive shaft. Two observation hatches allowing easy access and maintenance exist in driver unit head. Interior of the head is covered with rubber to avoid damage to the grains during transport to the distributor. Brake drum in the head is also covered with rubber to avoid slippage of belt and skidding.
For easy access, two observation hatches and two mobile hatches are found at the base of the elevator system. Tension unit formed of galvanized sheet tenses the belt loosened in hot weather and extended use conditions, and prevents decrease in performance. Bottom brake drum is steel caged to prevent grain from getting in and dislocating the belt.
Function of loading the silo with grain is achieved by the use of elevator system, chained coveyor and similar support equipment. OBİAL bucket elevator systems are manufactured with magnelised sheet and are extremely resistant to rust. Bucket elevator system capacities range from 20T/h to 700T/h. In all elevator systems rest platforms and safety caged ladders are present. Elevator system is designed for safe and easy maintenance. Special OBIAL plastic buckets and belt sizes differ according to the lift capacity of the elevator system and are designed accordingly. Safe and
easy access door at the second level of OBİAL silos and observation hatch at the roof is provided.