OBIAL chain conveyors are available with capacity ranging from 45 up to 500 t/h. OBIAL offers Forged Steel Chains as standard for Chain Conveyors.

OBIAL chain conveyors transport the grain horizontally or angularly, free of damage and in an economical way.

All OBIAL conveyor chains are extra hardened to operate under hard working conditions. Grain carrying scraper flights efficiently reduce the friction between the chain rails and the surface of conveyor box, they are made of UHMW material, connected by bolted system and assembled on the conveyor chain rails. Chains move easily inside the conveyor box on special derlin plastic bobbins which are located inside the conveyor and closely spaced. The chain conveyor sprockets are made of steel and extra-hardened by cementation. In comparison with welded conveyors which consist of one complete part, the repair, maintenance and assembly of the OBIAL conveyors are much easier because of the complete bolted system used.

Specially designed for intake pits, OBIAL chain conveyors handle the grain free of damage and with high performance.